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Why do I need to flow??

We often get this question, and the answers are very simple.
First of all lets start with the fuel pump. Not all pumps are the same, or in the same condition. Not having you pump checked on a regular bases can leave you wondering why your running leaner and leaner.  The pump in itself may be in good condition, but is your inlet size, and your hoses adequate enough to do the job?  How about the filter you may be running. 9 out of 10 filters that have arrived here have the wrong element in them and cause a restriction.
Fuel shut-offs, lately we have seen a increase in leaky or damaged fuel shut-offs that have caused lean conditions.  Moving up to the injector hat itself, linkage issues, is a common problem, not being in proper alignment. Barrel valve spools, there are so many different variations of spool, and housing configurations, its hard to tell if you have their proper combination with out flow testing. Nozzle bodies, especially the hat bodies, are critical for your  idle circuit.. Port nozzle bodies is another thing, common problem with the port nozzle body is they crack from being over tighten, causing a local lean condition.  Moving on to all of the check valves, do you have the proper p.s.i., and are they sealed.  Nozzles and Jets, well that is again a tough one with more manufactures making them these days, from screw in to drop ins, all with different flow characteristics, be careful what you may barrow.
Now getting into the actual set-up itself, there are so many variables to setting up a system properly.  For us that is the easy part with over 50 years of experience and knowledge of every combination on this earth.   Getting a setup from your buddy, sometimes works, but your taking a big $$$risk, as some of what was mentioned above, may not be in order.  This is one reason we at Gorr Fuel Systems will not give out combinations via the phone.
So Get your system flow tested and setup properly, and have the assurance that you have the right combination.